Your identity and your signature on the Internet
The products and services offered by LuxTrust S.A. are easy to use and give you a highly secured acces to a large number of applications, like

government applications (eGovernment web-portal, etc.),
Internet banking applications (Multiline and private eBanking),
electronic commerce applications.

Authentication - Security - Electronic signature

LuxTrust makes your private and professional online transactions so much easier and guarantees :

an unequivocal electronic identity,
the use of an electronic signature with legal value,
the protection and confidentiality of your personal data,
internationally recognized products.

LuxTrust products and solutions

The LuxTrust Smartcard comes in the same size as a credit card. It allows your online authentication and the electronic signature on messages or transactions.

The LuxTrust Smartcard also ensures the integrity of the electronically signed documents. [ more infos ]

Signing Server Certificate

Stay mobile with the LuxTrust Signing Server solution. To access your certificate you simply use a unique access code.

This code is automatically renewed every time you need it.

Depending on your order choice this code is generated either by a token or sent via SMS directly to your mobile. [ more infos ]
Signing Stick

The LuxTrust Signing Stick is a USB key with similar authentication and signature features as carried by the LuxTrust Smartcard.

The Signing Stick does not require a Smartcard reader and is thus a solution particularly appreciated by customers who need mobility and flexibility of use. [
more infos ]
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